Precision and expert knowledge

Not without reason it is said that musical instruments bear a soul. This is especially true for acoustic instruments. It is therefore all the more important to have them manufactured with special care and commitment along with an expert sense of precision.

For more than three generations, our competent craftsmanship has resulted in manufacturing exceptional instruments which express our love of music. For our Franz Sandner instruments we only use dried spruce wood for the top plate of the violin and well matured european maple for the back, the sides and the neck. Our Sandner Dynasty instruments have spruce tops from Manchuria and bodies made of stained maple from the Himalayan highlands.

Our instruments all feature a traditional spirit varnish. Thus, they not only look very beautiful – they also sound better. We put special emphasis on making our instruments ready to play: fingerboard, pegs, bridge, nut and soundpost are being very carefully prepared, so every player – whether beginner, advanced player or professional – is provided with a perfect instrument.