A name known worldwide

In 1924 violin maker Franz Sandner founded his company in Schönbach. With the patiently acquired skills and natural love of craftsmanship, precision and artistic perfection Franz Sandner was able to establish its position on the world market quite quickly. After the Second World War the company moved to Nauheim.

In 1958 Franz Sandners daughter Sonja and her husband Richard Schuh joined the company and established the foundation to enter the worldwide export market. In 1979 their son Dietmar Schuh – the third generation – took over Franz Sandner Co. and achieved continuous and sustainable development. Since 1992 Soraya Schuh has supported her husband. Today, Franz Sandner Co. sells instruments in 60 countries worldwide.

To strengthen global competitiveness, Franz Sandner Co. established a joint-venture with the renowned Taiwanese instrument manufacturer Dynasty Co. Ltd. in 2003. Franz Sandner Co. continues to produce in Germany, but in-
struments are also being manufactured in China under
the name Sandner Dynasty.