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Comeback of a Legend: ISANA Black Pearl

Only 200 Black Pearls were built, the most famous Isana ever. Being one of the showcase guitar manufacturers in Germany, Sandner ceased  its  guitar production in the seventies.  The legend however lives on. The new edition looks very much alike the legendary guitar of the sixties. She has been conceived  […]

Design icon for professionals: FASAN Commodore

Our Commodore is something very special. Relaunched in 2014 on the occasion of our 90th anniversary it is our comeback and return to guitar production. Super-cool and rocky, with red and white stripes at the sides and with her legendary black rose finish she is an eye catcher on stage […]

Premium-bow for stringed instruments: ARCOS BRASIL

All violin, viola and cello bows are only made from carefully selected and finest pernambuco wood. Bow makers take pride in the high quality of their products: Each bow carries the stamp of its builder. ARCOS bows are the perfect complement to your high end instrument. We offer nickel silver […]